A Comfortable Different World Life

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For the first 40+ chapters the Protagonist is in a child form. NOTHING sexual happens to him in this chibi form. Ever. -person who has read 99 chapters)

Synopsis: I should have been sleeping in my room, but when I woke up, I noticed I was naked and in a place I did not know.

Moreover, in the appearance of a two or three years old child … …

I was found by a man, he was like a cat with a tail and cat’s ears.

To be protected carefully while learning the language, in a world I do not understand ……

Thoughts: When I read about unique world so far and, for the Author. The way Author takes time to go in depth with the characters getting to know each other and their struggles to communicate. Not to mention a certain realization that complicates things a bit at the point. It’s makes me more curious how far for Kou and Rodo relationship will go to?

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Picked Up by the Protagonist of a Tormented!MC Novel (被虐主文主角捡回家)

Tags: transmigration into a novel, bl, xianxia, humor, slice of life, fluff, adventure, crossdressing, fanboy/loyal MC, expressionless/cynical/has a lot of trust issues ML

Synopsis:The protagonist,“Curse” is just that type of suffering MC novel. The main character Xi Wei, after being forced to experience numerous sufferings, had at last become the most powerful, at the same time linking together with the world’s qi and fate. After, he was oppressed too miserably, he committed suicide and buried the entire world with him.  after constantly suffering and being betrayed, finally staged an assisted suicide, and his death took the whole world down with him. MC(aka Zeno) transmigrates into a novel he really likes that ended in tragedy Now that, MC is in the body of a baby entrusted in the care of the homeless, 11-year-old orphan protagonist (aka ML, Xi Wei), his new life begins. MC vows to protect and change the fate of his favorite protagonist so that he gets the happy ending he deserves.

Zeno transmigrated, in the end arriving at “Curse”.

Zeno was adopted by the MC, finally becoming the number one person/wife.

Zeno: Help, I don’t want to be destined to be raised by this perverse person!

All living things (wipe away tears): You must rescue this world, ah

Xi Wei: Come over here

Thoughts: This is a love story that you don’t realize is a love story until halfway through, as it starts out platonic but gradually changes to romantic. There are a lot of really cute and also really hilarious scenes, but there’s also emotionally serious ones. Their evolving relationship is the focus of the story, and in hindsight, it makes sense that other things like cultivation or combat are mentioned almost in passing. At first, I always in support of MC and ML staying platonic b/c their father-son or as brothers relationship was super, super cute, I almost gonna fainter with a nosebleed for sure!! but this seriously does a stellar job showing how a relationship can grow, develop, and change in unexpected ways. It’s very natural and convinces you that the two of them are meant to be.

Pros: heartwarming relationship, well paced development, a book-end and very fulfilling ending, MC’s transmigration is explained, ML’s personality is pretty refreshing compared to typical xianxia (aka ‘Qxdian’ lol) protagonists and his emotional shortcomings are actually addressed, he also has no qualms about crossdressing

Cons: MC’s age after the mini timeskip really confused me until it got explained later, ML’s actions in last arc goes into abusive territory even if he had his reasons, action scenes and fights are very anticlimactic (pretty much blink and you’ll miss it)

Ever since I read it, I could’t help it but to cry TT/////TT I could’t stop reading but fallen in love. I recommend you’ll love this story, you can find this Website: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/picked-up-by-the-protagonist-of-a-tormentedmc-novel/